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Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Products

Doulton ceramic filtration systems are recognized worldwide by governments, military, world aide and relief organizations as the superior choice for purified drinking water. Doulton ceramic filters can provide clean, safe and healthy drinking water from rivers, lakes, wells  and the foulest of all waters, all at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Choosing a Doulton ceramic filtration system gives you the flexibility of having a cleanable ceramic filter for water that is heavy with sediment, and the added security that the media inside the patented Doulton ceramic shell will reduce chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria in your water. It's easy to find a Doulton ceramic filtration system to fit your needs.
Doulton ceramic filters have been used by kings, queens and presidents for over 180 years.
 Don't you deserve a Doulton ceramic filtering system today?
  How may we help you today?


Genuine Doulton ceramic replacement candles and cartridges for the most common Doulton  filtration systems on the market today. We carry Doulton ceramic filter replacement elements for all Doulton gravity, portable and pressurized water systems, as well as specialty filters for removing fluoride, arsenic, and mtbe.


Doulton under counter filters are the best choice for permanent installation of a water filtering system. Choose from Doulton's economical food grade plastic housing or their surgical stainless steel housing. All Doulton in-line models come with a ceramic ultracarb, and are also available in twin or duo models for added filtering capabilities.

Doulton Counter top water filtration system


Doultons best solution for a portable water filter using a pressurized water system. Great for traveling, second homes, campers, cabins, boats, rv's, hotels, apartments  etc. Available in high grade plastic or stainless steel housings. Doulton countertop systems come standard with a ceramic ultracarb element, and  in twin, or duo models specialty filters for different problem contaminants.


We have a Gravity filter to fit your needs. No water pressure or electricity needed. Great for camping, travel, mission work, emergency situations,  or anywhere you need portable or emergency water filtration. Fitted with the world famous Doulton ceramic filters.

travel water filter bottle


A Portable filtering solution for people on the go. Fill from any water source (except salt water), and instantly have clean, filtered water to drink on the spot. Great filtration bottle for hiking, camping, travel or just to have along to use whenever or wherever you want purified drinking water and don't have a reliable source to get it. Every emergency kit should have a water filtration bottle.

Doulton's commitment to quality, their ceramic filtration technology, and their NSF certifications mean that you are guaranteed clean, pure water gallon after gallon. The ceramic cartridges are exceptional at removing silt, rust, sediment, parasites, cysts, bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful substances. Doulton ceramic filters are capable of turning non-potable water into healthy drinking water.

Doulton countertop filters, inline water filter systems, and Doulton gravity water filter units are all manufactured in the United Kingdom by Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd. They utilize the same ceramic water filter candles, elements and cartridges as the British Berkefeld line of water filters, and the original Big Berkey gravity water filter. Join the millions of people who rely on the Doulton ceramic water filter to give them clean, healthy and pure drinking water.



Did You Know?

Doulton ceramic water filters come in different styles to fit your needs?
First decide wether you will be filtering your drinking water from a pressurized water source or need a portable filter.

Filtering from a pressurized water system

If you want to filter water from a pressurized source, you have the choice of a Doulton counter top model or Doulton  under counter (under sink, in line) model.
Doulton Countertop - great for portability, renters, students, rv's, and traveling.
Doulton Under sink - (in line, under counter) a more permanent filtering solution. Easy to install, and out of the way.
Doulton pressurized water filters will provide purified drinking and cooking water on demand. Neither use electricity, and they have identical contaminant filtering capabilities both utilizing Doulton's ceramic filtration technnology. 

Filtering water from a natural or non-pressurized water source

Doulton's gravity fed filtration units are the perfect soluction for filtering water from a natural water source, or where you are unable to hook up to a pressurized water system. Choose your Doulton system based on the amount of filtered water you anticipate needing on a daily basis.
Doulton SS-2- Comes with 2 Doulton ceramic filters installed, capable of  producing approx 12 gallons of purified water a day.
Doulton SS-4 - Comes with 4 Doulton ceramic filters installed, capable of filtering approx 24 gallons of pure water per day.
These Doulton gravity water filtration systems use ceramic filters, are stainless steel, and an excellent choice for a portable and emergency water filter. Great for vacation homes, camping, rv's, missionaries, disasters and emergency situations.

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